Pole Dance Classes & Aerial Circus Class

POLE CLASSES - Beginner Classes are suitable for complete beginners up to those who have learnt to invert (go upside down) once you are confidently able to do that it is time to move up a level.


I recommend that you wear layers for class, once you are warmed up you will be best wearing shorts and tshirt for class, this helps you to be able to 'stick' to the pole. You do not need any particular fancy pole kit, but tight shorts that you can move freely in are best. Over 16's only please. Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent to their first class BOOK NOW

AERIAL CIRCUS - This is a mixed level class that is suitable for all levels from complete beginner to those with previous experience. There will be Aerial Hoop, Static Trapeze, Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Aerial Silks available to use during this class.


Again, layers are recommended for this class. Tight layers are best to avoid getting in a tangle, 2 pairs of leggings will help to protect new skin from the rub you will get off the kit. I also recommend long leg warmers for many moves. I have some in stock usually, but I can order them in if you prefer a different colour! BOOK NOW


Danger Notice!!

Although I have years of teaching experience, certifications, qualifications, insurance, use the best kit available and work to each individuals capabilities within classes - it can be dangerous! Even with the best safety processes and proceedures available you can still be injured. You accept this risk when attending any class. You will be required to complete a PAR-Q on arrival at your first class for under 16's this must be completed and signed by your parent.


The fact of these classes are that you will inevitably become bruised and lose skin during the sessions, if you are not able to tolerate a degree of 'nipping' these may not be the classes for you!

Terms and Conditions

Inverness Pole and Aerial Circus is the Highland branch of Northern Pole Partys LTD.


All payments can be made online using out booking system, or they can be made in cash/card in the studio. Payments must be made at the start of the class. IPAAC operates a NO REFUND POLICY. You will not be refunded for any class payments. This includes medical reasons/injuries. Refunds will only bw made if IPAAC cancels a class for example during bad weather conditions.



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© Inverness Pole and Aerial Circus is the trading name of Northern Pole Partys LTD